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While a bob is a little black dress with which women will never go wrong, asymmetrical bob is a fresh take at the ageless classic. Today, you can see everyone from your favorite celebrities and catwalk show icons to girls from your neighborhood rocking this cut, and each of them looks absolutely different. Well, the magic power of asymmetry is what has made this variation of the bob a brand new classic in the world of trends. And if you still haven’t tried it, we want you to find out what you’ve been missing all this time!

Asymmetrical bob come with a jaw-dropping variety of enviable hair looks. But that’s not the only reason why women of now are so obsessed with it. Here, we’re covering all the advantages of wearing this haircut, sharing the top reasons why every woman should give it a shot. 

What Is an Asymmetrical Bob? 

As the name of the trend suggests, asymmetrical bobs have an imbalanced structure, where one side is longer than the other. Although it may seem to be pretty simple, there are lots of ways to spice up your bob with a touch of asymmetry. You can regulate the angle of your cut, as well as decide how contrastive you want the two lengths to be. In this way, every girl can create a unique look that suits her best. On top of that, this kind of bob offers great styling flexibility, so you will never get bored wearing it. 

The latest styling ideas for this bob:

  • Waves look from a brand new perspective when done on an asymmetrical haircut, giving a modern flair to the whole look.
  • Sleek hairstyles look radiant on asymmetric bodies, as they accentuate the sharpness of the angles.
  • You can also experiment with textures, wearing one side sleek and the other wavy.
  • Classic straight hairstyles will become even more interesting with the charm of asymmetry.
  • Everyone’s favorite messy hairstyles and asymmetric cuts form an unforgettable duo.

Who Looks Best with Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts?

The best thing about this haircut is that it has no restrictions in terms of hair type, hair length, face shape, and even age! In other words, there’s no way this haircut won’t suit you.

If you have thick hair, you can pair your bob with soft layers at the ends, thus making the trend work for you. As for thin hair, just like any other bob, this cut works wonders amping up your texture: once you create a side part, you will see your hair volumize. 

On top of that, this bob goes equally well for all face shapes. Since it features two lengths at once, you can always combine it with side bangs that will give your face a fantastic visual frame. And last but not least, this haircut allows for endless customizations so every woman can create her own version of the chic bob.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try an Asymmetrical Bob

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You can’t even imagine how you can benefit from wearing an asymmetrical haircut. Besides adding something new to the traditional bob look, this haircut knows how to change your hair life for the better and help you look unique at once. Be careful reading the info below: you won’t be able to help yourself and start calling your stylist right now. 

Women love asymmetrical bob because they’re:


  • Low-maintenance. There’s no need to update this haircut every few weeks, as it’s structure is pretty simple, so it can adapt to any length possible and still look nice. Besides, you can seamlessly turn a bob into a lob!
  • Easy-to-style. Yes, it’s the wash-and-go we all dream of! You can literally wear this cut as it is, as well as variously experiment with anything from braids to textured styles.
  • Face-framing. Add some waves or a graduated fringe and you’ve got all you need to make your face appear even more attractive! 
  • Versatile for all occasions. This haircut is as casual as it’s formal, so you can look stylish and appropriate for all events. 
  • Huge canvas for experiments. From different layers and feathers to endless coloring options, your asymmetrical bob is your best friend when you want a hair change.  



Asymmetric bob is a little change of classics that opens doors to the latest trends of now. The good news is, apart from having a stunning visual side, this haircut has turned out to be very practical for women of all ages. Now that you’ve discovered the amazing perks of this cut, you know why girls from all around the globe wear it as one. How about you to join them?


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