I Find Worlasi’s Infamous Tweet Humorous & Feel He’s Scared He Won’t Win Anything-Chris Handler

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Ghanaian artiste Worlasi tweeted that he would prefer his fans to save the money they would use to vote for him in this year’s VGMAS and rather use it to buy tickets to shows he will be organising this year. Now we don’t know what informed his choice to make that tweet but many entertainment pundits and bloggers have opined that, it was very wrong for him to have tweeted that because he was speaking against the music awards scheme.

Of course the past 17 editions of the Ghana Music Awards have all been surrounded by controversial so it’s no new thing that even before nominees are chosen and announced, some sort of controversy has already started. Worlasi who’s an up and coming musician is an amazing talent and that’s an indisputable fact and Ghbase.com mentioned him as one of the artistes who can take over the rap crown after Sarkodie in some years time. (Click here to read that story) He was also mentioned as one of the artistes to watch out for in 2017 by BBC’s DJ Rita Ray.

He had a good year in 2016, playing some major gigs and featured by some top artistes in the country like Manifest and EL and equally had some of his songs making waves in the media.

Everybody has a right to hold an opinion and on the 3rd of January, 2017 around 5pm, Worlasi Tweeted;

WorlArmy, abeg make you no use your credit vote gimme 4 VGMA. Ago organise some shows this year save the credit money buy tickets. THANK YOU!

And that was the Tweet people and it could augur well or bad for him, depending on how majority of the people with influence in the VGMA interpret it.

I saw the Tweet right when he tweeted it and I found it humorous and didn’t really pay attention to it until I saw lots of people talking about it–Some trying to defend him, others too bashing him.

I see it humorous but then at the same time, I feel Worlasi is scared and feels although he’s likely to earn a nomination or probably two or say 3, he’s not likely to win in any of the categories looking at the other up and coming artistes who would equally be nominated. I believe it’s on this notion, that he felt it would be best for his fans to save the money to buy tickets than to vote and vote and then he wouldn’t win at all.

I doubt he wouldn’t be proud to win a VGMA because winning a VGMA might not put money directly in your pocket but then it would help boost your brand and determine how much you can take for shows. It’s an undeniable fact that, artistes in this country increase the charges they take for shows right after winning an award at the VGMAs and then also the award also throws some special spot light on them increasing an their public appeal.

Worlasi  would definitely earn a nomination in the’Best New Artiste’ and If I were in his shoes, I would fight to win that category. If he wins that category, he would be billed for more shows in the year and then he would get some free media hype which would make it easy for him organise his shows and make the money he wants.

If each fan spends Ghc2 each voting for you, they can still save up money to come to your shows, Worlasi. Luckily you are no longer an underground artiste but an up and coming one and getting a nomination alone could just shoot you to become a Mainstream artiste.

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