FIPAG gives sick actors 200ghc but 5000ghc to the family when the actor dies – Oboy Siki

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From the look of things, cantankerous Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki is a firm believer that the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) values death in the industry more than life.

To the best knowledge of Oboy Siki, the association contributes 200ghc to actors and actresses when they’re sick but when they die FIPAG gives the family of the deceased 5000ghc.

It’s at the back of this that Oboy Siki is a firm believer that FIPAG and other associations in the movie industry do not value the welfare of their members.

He made the above-mentioned proclamation in the studio of Kumasi-based Angel FM with Ike De Unpredictable. Oboy Siki expressed worry about the poor conditions of some veteran actors and actresses who have contributed to the growth of the industry and Ghana but now beg to survive.

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“The leadership of the Creative Arts Industry should think about the welfare of their members. They should start implementing policies which will improve the welfare of their members,” Oboy Siki said.

“It is so pathetic that someone who has worked so many years with his or her life to come out to beg for money for food and to rent a house.”

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He emphasized that “The industry lacks knowledgeable people who will think about the welfare of their members because even the leadership don’t know how to think about themselves.”

“Sometimes when an actor or actress is in bad condition his or her leadership will give the person Ghc200 even the highest is Ghc1000 but when the person dies the leadership will give the person’s family GH₵5000,” he revealed.

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