‘The First Place Trigmatic Ever Took Me Was a Church And I Knew There Was Something Different About Him’-Wife

There is no gainsaying that rapper Trigmatic is really drawn to God. I have attended a church program with him on few occasions at International Central Gospel Church, Camp 2-Teshie so I really know what I’m saying.

Consequently, I’m not surprised when his wife, Edith Adu Adjie granted an interview to the media and stated that the first place the rapper took her was a church. Speaking to Kwese Free Sports, Edith narrated how the two met mainly for a charity project and how the project eventual turned into a relationship and now marriage.

“We have been married for a month and I remember meeting him for work because we were to work on a charity event that turned into this. We first met at Second Cup. I phoned him up because I heard about his charity works and I asked if he would want to talk about some charity work I was planning and it took a while. When we finally met he was telling me how he liked my style.

“I was thinking gentleman can we work? The next day he asked if we could meet again and it got to a point, we were meeting like everyday and I was wondering why we were meeting this often and we were not even talking about work. The next thing I know, he invited me to church and some events and here we are.

“I was really drawn to him because after our first meeting I told the person who introduced me to him like this guy is not your regular celebrity. He was very cool and humble. The first place he ever took me was a church and I knew there was something different about him.

Edith is happy and appreciative of the fact that, she can now look at Trigmatic and call him her husband.

“I’m grateful to God that we are here now.”


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