Fishermen Are Lamenting: There Is No Fish In The Sea,Our Nets Bring Back Borla

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The current health hazards associated with how fish is obtained from the sea in recent times is very alarming. One fishing community in Ghana where such hazard is common is Sempe-Glefe, a suburb of Accra.

The plight of the fishermen in this community goes beyond the extent of the hazards they face but the losses they make after coming back from their normal on-shore activities.

They go for fishing several hours and come back with nothing except rubbish trapped in their nets. According to them,rubbish in the community and around the banks of the sea are collected and dumped back into the sea,making it difficult to get enough fish on their quest.

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rubbishRubbish mixed with fish in the net of the fishermen after several hourson the sea.

Subsequently, they complain about the lightening system introduced by the government,which is used by some fishermen to force trap fish from deep down the sea. They complained when majority of the fish are forced out using the lightening system,most of them are trapped within a mimimum period leaving few for the others who go by the normal way.

fisheermenFishermen trying to separate the fish from the rubbish

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This survey conducted by revealed that the standard of living in this community has reduced since their major source of employment which is the fishing business is collapsing.

The residents are appealing to the government to intervene by providing them with Sea Defense and provide incinerators.


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