Five (5) Critical Lessons We All Can Learn From Ebony Reigns

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On the 9th of February, Ghanaians woke to an unfortunate news–the death of Ebony Reigns--A vibrant musician who rose to fame and was almost at the peak of her career. We’ve witnessed her kind in the music industry– a female musician who can drop hits after hits in a year, and was playing almost every show in the country at such a very young age but death cared not about all of these things. They say death knows not what mercy even means to show you one when it comes for you.

Her death shocked everyone–Even her haters were shocked and felt sad because we all know we would die someday but we never expected death to snatch her from us this soon and in that gory way, but who are we to question death? Although Ebony Reigns is gone and would be buried tomorrow, March 24th, there are some key lessons, that the 90’s bad gyal taught us or perhaps there are some lessons we can learn from the life of Ebony Reigns.

1.School Certificates Don’t Necessarily Mean You Will Be Successful In Life

Yes, Ebony Reigns did not even have a WASSCE certificate before her death. She said in an interview that she abandoned school because she wanted to do music soo bad and just wanted to focus on it, so she discussed with her father that she was no longer interested in school and luckily for her, it was not a decision she regretted. Although she had indicated that she would love to go back to school sometime, death would not give her that opportunity now. She rose to become the musician she dreamt of and a very successful one.  She made us understood that, dreams are always heavier than certificates. If you are driven by passion and a desire to succeed, nothing can stop you. Don’t let your life be based on just ‘certificates’. Don’t think that maybe because of some circumstance you couldn’t finish your education or pass your exams, you will be ‘nothing’ in this life. Ebony proved that, we can achieve anything.

The Late Ebony Reigns at the 2017 VGMAs

2.Focus On The Goal, Pay Less Attention To People

Yes, when Ebony started her music career, there were soo many critics, who criticised her for the way she dresses as a musician. What these people didn’t understand was that, it was part of her craft as a musician. Ebony Reigns paid less attention to these critics who went ahead to say her career was going to die, if she didn’t do this and that. She kept her focus and did what worked best for her. Maybe it’s about time to stop paying attention to people and focus on your goal.

3.It’s good to boast but don’t boast too much

Ebony had a focus and a dream and she wanted to get somewhere with her music. In Ghana and in music, it’s common to see musicians claim titles upon themselves when no one has given them such titles. Ebony, when she was onetime interviewed by Delay, disclosed that, she wasn’t interested in any ‘Dancehall Queen’ title and that she just wanted to be herself. She told Delay that she wanted to be her and unique and not fight over any dancehall queen title. One of the recipe for success is not to be complacent in life. She knew she wanted more in her career as a musician and was not ready to settle for some title.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh x Ebony
Dr. Lawrence Tetteh x Ebony

4.She Was Fun-Loving And A Cheerful Giver

Even the Bible says, there’s more blessing in giving than receiving and Ebony perfectly understood that part of of the scripture. Anyone who was close to the late Ebony Reigns would tell you how much she loved to give out when she also gets something. She was never greedy with what she had and gave out freely to people who needed help. She was also a fun-loving and easy to go person. She was not arrogant in life as well. Perhaps, her success is partly because she loves to help others by giving.

5. She Was Always Smiling Even When Her Heart Was Aching–Smile Always.

Ebony Reigns was a happy person before her death, she always gave us a lovely smile. Although she must have been worried at some point in her life because of the many death prophecies, she still didn’t let that break her down completely. She was always beaming with smiles. It reminds of Michael Jackons’s song; ‘Smile even though your heart is breaking’. Yes, even though her heart was breaking at some point, she smiled to us, because she wanted to make her fans happy. So, don’t let life’s circumstances break you down, always remember to wear a smile.

Ebony Reigns

SHARE this story with friends so they also pick a lesson from it. The late Ebony Reigns’ tribute concert comes off today at the Trade Fair Center at 7pm.  Her funeral will also take place tomorrow March 24th at the forcecourt of the statehouse in Accra.

Rest Well Ebony Regins till we meet again.


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