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We all have our favorite celebrities that we adore soo much! Sometimes, we just love them or there is something striking about them that we adore soo much, and it makes us want to know everything about them. But sometimes, we just take it to the extreme, like liking and tweeting everyday they post each day, commenting on every picture they upload. So what lies do we always tell just because we want something from them

LIE #1: I am your biggest fan ever:Most people tell this lie each time they want something from a celebrity and they feel the only way to get it is to exaggerate. People normally tell this lie each time they spot their celebrity anywhere and want to take a picture with them or want a retweet from them.

LIE #2: You are the best ever: Yes, another big lie again. People tell this lie always.It could be that the celebrity is an actor/actress or a musician, footballer or a presenter. You know for a fact that they are not the best in their field, maybe they are one of the best but not the best.

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LIE #3: I was there: People tell this lie always.They’ve never even been to that celebrity’s movie premiere or that musician’s album launch, but will tweet that they were at their so so and so movie premiere and that the movie was fantastic.All you need is just to tweet that and the celebrity will retweet you. You’ve told that lie before right?

LIE #4: You looking amazing: Sometimes, your celebrity posts a picture on her social media page and you know deep down in your heart that, that picture is not that cool, perhaps, there was too much make-up or the dress was not just perfect, but you comment with all the good positive words, like aaaw, you look soo adorable when it’s completely the opposite.You are making the celebrity to feel, you mean but you don’t.

LIE #5: No matter what, i will be there: You want your celebrity to regconise you and make them feel, you are truly their biggest fan. You tell them, you will always be there and support them, but when they ask for some small one to support their foundation, you insult them, when an article comes up that they are bleaching, you judge them but you still put on a clothe of pretence and tell them, you will always support them, no matter what. You don’t really like them, and you do all of these just because you want something from them.

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