Five Celebrities Who Might Be Able To Buy A Private Jet In Ghana

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We may not have a single celebrity in Ghana yet who owns a private jet but what if there are some celebrities in Ghana, who can really own their own private jet! Well, private jets are not like ordinary cars, they are really rally expensive, and it’s not a luxury everyone can have. It’s meant for the few, stupidly rich millionaires and billionaires. We do have rich people in Ghana but come on, most of our celebrities are not as rich as in RICH like how we perceive them. Yeah, they might have some $400,000 in their accounts , but i doubt there if  is one celebrity in Ghana who is worth more than $50 million yet! The cost of a private jet depends on the year, it was made, the capacity and other features. The Gulftream Gill designed in 1982 is sold at $575,000 and could be the cheapest on the market now as some are as high as $20 million dollars. The private jet Beyonce bought for Jay Z on father’s day some 2 years ago costs $40 million dollars! Yeah, Jet’s are noo go areas for small boys like me and celebrities who don’t really earn that much. I did this article, because i love jets and fortunately for me  i have one, yeah, i really do have one, and if you want prove, come join me tonight let’s sleep together, so you can see it in my dreams, i love to park it there! So who are those celebrities who just might be able to buy a private jet, if they want to, especially if they buy one made in the 1990’s which is still soo cool.


Check out the five celebrities, we know they would be able to buy one, with they wanted to

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john-dumelo-private jet1. John Dumelo: Yeah, he might be able to buy one. He’s not just an actor, but a real business mogul. John owns his own clothing line which is doing great. He has a hotel, a film school, a real estate company and some other businesses in his name, he just doesn’t want the media to know yet. He has an estimated worth of some $25 million dollars. So he can afford one of those private jets. He’s amazingly rich


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