Five Ghanaian Celebrities You Would Love To See At Big Brother This Year

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Big Brother Africa  (BBA) as we all know is a reality TV Program which is best known for its drama, suspense and fun. Ghana team mates have been very infamous until the likes of Elikem, Eazzy and Keita stepped up their game. It becomes a big fuss and always controversial when someone is selected to represent Ghana. Here are a few people I consider interesting and have a very high chance of getting to the finals and who knows? Winning the cash!

  1. Wanluv kubolor : every one knows Wanluv for his witty character and how he can go to the extreme in certain times. He stands a chance for GHANA don’t you think? .lol
  2. Mensah : of course I wont mention Wanluv without adding Mensah! They are like two musketeers who cannot do without the other. Mensa definitely makes up a perfect match for the BBA.
  3. Kalybos: yes you read right! Calibos is one humorous character who can spark up the house without a doubt. He has convinced me with the Boys Kasa short films as well as other adverts I’ve seen him in. He wont be a bad option for Ghana don’t you think? *winks
  4. Sister Deborah just like his brother can really be a pleasure to watch in the BBA. She is a carefree type and can obviously be a good catch for Ghana. What’s more? She is extremely beautiful! A plus for her!
  5. Umar Krupp: An amazing actor who acted very well in Yvonne Nelson’s HOUSE OF GOLD as gay. Hez extremely talented and I think he can play a very good game in the BBA HOUSE. His good looks can also give him a very good favour in the ladies’ eyes…lol

Well share with me, who you would want to see at this year’s Big Brother Africa in the comment box


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