Five Great Ghanaian Songs With Terrible Raps

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Five Great Ghanaian Songs With Terrible Raps

This compilation by catalogues great songs of Ghanaian origin which contain substandard rap verses. These raps are overlooked by party people but certainly can’t escape my probing lenses. Check them out

1.      Odo pababi-Galaxy

“Come and see my woman, papabi” goes the infectious chorus of Galaxy’s banging hit which am proud to say it’s one of my favourite of all time. The song is great by all standards. It celebrates womanhood and instil in his the belief that our men still love us despite all odds.

However the rap part of the song is comical, mediocre and ‘off-key.’ Perhaps this aspect has not drawn your attention. Listen to that critically and make your evaluation. They could have simply featured a top notch rapper to do justice to the song.

2.      Odo esisi me- Akatayie

Do you remember Akatayie’s Odo esisi me song years back? That song was an instant hit and shot the duo to instant fame. What was partly their success ironically was the nursery rhyme spewed by Pharaoh, one half of the group. He was mocked everywhere for his underwhelming performance. The mockery as it turned out to be contributed to their fame.

3.      Araba Lawson- Czar

Czar’s raps in Araba Lawson were very bad. That notwithstanding, his Araba Lawson was well received by Ghanaians. It was played at all occasions in Ghana and sung by the young and old.

4.      Konkotibaa-Obuor

You might think it is a hyperbole to include Obuor’s song in this list. If you develop the expertise for good raps then you should not rule out this song in my compilation. Konkotibaa was a great song but the rap aspect was punctuated with weak rap verses.

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5.      Boneshaker- Castro

Castro is a great singer with his customary soothing voice; the same cannot be said about his rap skills. The rap on that song is not bad but lacks creativity.

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