Five Physically Challenged Artistes Who Rose Above Their Challenge

We all know the talent of renowned music composer and pianist, Stevie Wonder right? He lost his eyesight shortly after his birth but that didn’t discourage him. Stevie Wonder is a multiple Grammy award winner with had sold over 100 million records worldwide.

In Ghana, there were (are) five people with various degrees of handicap who exemplified Stevie’s heroics to etch their name in our music industry.

Let me take you their profile and why their story can inspire us all.

  1. Tommy Wiredu

Tommy Wiredu was a delight to watch when he was singing. He was highlife musician in the mid 90’s who produced hits after hits. The man who moved about with the aid of clutches was one of the popular faces of highlife until he diedin 2003.

He was lame in one leg but that didn’t stop him from pursing his dream. His songs still resonates in the faculties of highlife lovers.

  1. Onipa Nua

His real name is Amada Jabre. He was born in 1945 and become blind at the age of two. He has travelled extensively across the sub region singing in Hausa language and playing most of the instruments he learnt as a child.

  1. Frank Mensah Pozo

He was former partner of Tommy Wiredu and together the duo released four albums. He has collaborated with hiplife artistes with his rich highlife voice. He is also a good drummer as well.

  1. Pozo Hayes

In an interview to journalist about his view about physically challenge people who beg for alms, Pozo Hayes said, “It saddens my heart when I see physically challenged person on the streets begging for money. Because I am one, I feel like weeping when I come across them.

Pozo Hayes is known for songs like ‘Obaa Lydia’, ‘Akeka keka’ and has also won the best singer in 1988 at the Entertainment Critics Reviewers Association of Ghana. He normally sits in a wheelchair or use clutches to perform or move about.

  1. The Blind Messiah

This gospel musician was popularly called the blind messiah. His actual name is Mark Awortwi Quainoo. He is blind but can play a keyboard and drum very well.

His hit song, ‘De masem mame’ from the album Bata Mpaebo which was produced in2001, gave him rare recognition in the gospel industry.


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