Five Reasons Women Cheat And Never Get Caught

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When it comes to cheating in relationships, men have taken the lead but women have the incredible gift of never getting caught.

People often wonder how women manage to cheat on their spouses without getting caught and how they somehow always find a way to catch their men.

Well, to satisfy your curiosity, we have decided to give you five reasons why women cheat and never get caught.

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1. Women are smarter than men.
This isn’t a patronizing statement to try and get the women on my side. The fact is when it comes to stepping out women just think about things that men don’t. Where a dude will call his boy after the fact to say “Yo, son if anybody asks where I was last night, I was with you” a woman will have it planned out days in advance with an airtight alibi.

2. Men don’t want to know.
Men are the hunters. It just doesn’t’ occur to them that their women could be cheating on them. So even if reason number one doesn’t apply and they still like to believe their women will never cheat. So if she says she is going out to meet with her girls and she ends up having a one night stand, he will never know.

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3. Men don’t want YOU to know.

And when I say YOU, I mean the world. Even in the face of irrefutable evidence and a woman is somehow caught, a man is less likely to go public because of his pride and ego.
“When a man is unhappy he cries in the dark,” says Phonte. “When a woman is unhappy, she makes a concerted effort to ensure that EVERYBODY around her is miserable.”
Could you imagine someone like Tracy Sarkcess cheating on Sarkodie with Patapaa? I know thinking about it alone is making you cringe because almost every lady in Ghana and abroad will do anything to be with a man like Sarkodie. But

4. Women Have More To Lose

Let’s face it: women are more forgiving than men. Men don’t even like the idea of their women sleeping with their friends BEFORE they’re together so God forbid they get stepped out on during the relationship. The men will either leave or start cheating to justify it. Furthermore, if a woman steps out and becomes pregnant, far fewer men will stay with her and raise another man’s child, than the countless women who have remained in relationships with men after finding out they’ve gotten another woman pregnant. With consequences like this women typically take extra steps, precautions and are just more discerning overall with their sex partners.

5. Neglected by lovers.

Always remember, women too are sexual and sensual. So don’t be fooled. When we see a hot man, we gawk or steal glances. In 2015, a woman in a committed relationship might have physical urges that she wants satisfied elsewhere, especially if her current man isn’t quite, shall we say, up for the job.
Again, a neglected woman is ripe picking for an affair, how long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look somewhere else? Women are not stones!
Women deprived of attention, compliments, and compassion are usually the perfect candidates for an affair. Then there is the revenge angle which is always a top reason, you will often hear a woman say, “I cheated on my husband because he cheated on me.” Being cheated on is a very difficult act to forgive. Yeah, at times, it’s tit for tat.

When a man cheats, no one is ever shocked. In fact, when men cheat, they always come up with all sorts of excuses such as claiming they are polygamous by nature. Or blame his woman, saying it has something to do with her; what she did or did not do.
However, when a woman cheats, it becomes a big scandal. This is because women have been taught since childhood to be “good, nice girls”, and “smile and bear it” and such like nonsense.
Fast forward to the 21st Century, where women are allowed to speak their minds and be more assertive. With women’s liberation and all, they now feel that they too can cheat!

Cheating is never a good thing with both men and women.

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