Ok, so i know that most girls are probaly going to hate me now for writing this, but come on, i would do the same for the girls tooo. I have lots of female friends, and listen to them when they talk, and there is something i have  observed. When girls meet and they are talking about their boyfriends, they have an influence on what type of a guy they should date. You would hear questions like “Is he handsome, rich, cute, has he got six pacs” and a whole lot.And when you are a girl, and your boyfriend ain’t that cute and as ugly like me, then you begin to have second thought. I will tell you a story of myself and a girl i dated sometime later. Its amusing sometimes, but hey that’s how girls are. It is in their nature to be protective like hens protecting their chicks. It’s unlike that when it comes to we the boys. We don’t influence our friends on the kind of girl, they should date, all a boy might concerned about his fellow friend, is whether the girl in question loves him the same way he does. That’s it! Yes, when you are a girl and you love my friend, that’s what matters to me and all other boys.

So moving on to what kind of girls, every guy should avoid, if they really cherish their life and heart. I cannot tell, you what kind of girl you should date, but i am only giving you reasons why, you should NEVER date these type of girls. Gerrit? Let’s fly the.

Miss Superficial: It never goes beyond getting hair done, nails done, facials done and stocking the closets for this type of woman. And when it goes beyond that, they want to discuss something that is never about the future, something about now that is not necessary and something very shallow. Miss superficial can be very pretty (they usually are, I mean why would you spend all the time getting nails and hair and face done without being fine?) but beyond pretty, what more does a man want? A lot! A whole lot more. If this is all she is bringing to the table, then maybe you shouldn’t be sitting there with her. Run my brother, run, when you meet Miss Superficial.

-Miss Selfish: when it is all about her and never about anybody else, then you should let her be all by herself. A selfish woman will not think of you at all, not when she is making decisions, not when she is thinking, not when she is breathing. A selfish woman only cares about herself. When she is sick or needs something, she will cry the hell out until you give her what she wants, but when it’s her turn to return that favour, hmmmm. NEVER. Besides, love is not selfish, so when you have someone who is constantly thinking of her not you, then maybe she has no idea what love is or needs to learn what love is.

-Miss Goaless: My friend Kwesi, who lives in the US keeps telling me how many (young) Ghanaian women over there seem to be clueless about what they want from life and that some simply don’t have lives. I am always quick to correct him that it is not only in the US that happens. It happens here too. It happens everywhere. There are many women out there who have no goals or worse, dreams. Some of them feel like they have the rest of their lives to decide.You talk to a woman and you find out, she has no goals, ambitions, and you be like SERIOUSLY? Except you are goaless as well, then there is no reason for you to be with this type of woman.

-Miss liar: If she lies, is never straight and is just too shady in her dealings, then there is no reason for you to be with this type of woman. People who lie never take the other person’s feeling into consideration. And they are usually capable of other terrible things. A woman who lies is not the best type to be with. Abi what happens to honesty is the best policy?

-Miss Playa: Women who keep several relationships while lying to each one of them that they are the one usually have their reasons for being who they are. But I honestly have not seen the reason why anybody should be a playa. If your spec is the type of woman who shares her private part, oh well, here is your woman. But if all you want is honesty and a woman who would be true to you and just you, then go borrow Usaine Bolts legs and run away from this type.

Ummm, i have ended finally the list goes on and on and if I were to mention the type of women, men shouldn’t touch at all, then I would need Wikipedia. So guys, you decide, and i know none of my female readers here got offended cos they are not like that. If you also have an article, you would want to share with me like this, why not, call me or send an email @officialghbase. Leave your comments below, and like always, please do like  and share this article with friends. Thanks for reading


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