Five Weird Facts About Kumasi No One Will Tell You.

Kumasi happens to be the capital city of the most populated region in Ghana and the third largest region in Ghana.
The city people say is one beautiful place but then there are some weird facts about Kumasi or the people of Kumasi, you might not know of.
Today we here at are going to share with you these top five weird facts on Ghbase Xtra.
1. The don’t Have a MALL! Come on, you didn’t know about this? Sure, it’s not just Kumasi, but the whole of the Ashanti Region. They don’t just have one and so those who live there have not had that shopping MALL experience before. I had to accommodate a friend who lives there at my place in Accra just so I could take him to the Accra Mall and the West Hills Mall. If am wrong on this one, just tweet me and show me a picture of a mall in the region.
2.The people there just CANNOT speak the pidgin language no matter how hard they try. It’s a known fact and they know it. The youth there are even worst at it and if you think, we are lying, just try speaking pidgin with a typical Kumasi boy, he would reply you in Twi and if you are lucky, perhaps english.
 3.They are the Most Famous Braggers in Ghana. Ha! You knew about this right? The people of Kumasi can brag more than anyone in this world and it’s no wonder they can woo all the girls. They’ve got a loud mouth and could claim they even own the SEA….lol  You think am kidding, wait till I introduce you to my friend Kwesi. He could make you believe he invented water

4. All Of Their Buidling Are Still In The 1850 Style. Now this is one thing, I just don’t understand about the City. They have tars on most of their roads, which is one thing I love about the City, but then, their buildings are still in the 1850s and they have no plans or collapsing them to build new ones. Although Kumasi it’s a city, the archaic buildings make it look like a village. Please, someone tell them they need to modernise

5. Their Girls are not that Beautiful BUT…… Well, I know they are going to slash me for saying this, but it’s not as they think. I have been to Kumasi a few times and their women are Beaufitul, i was just kidding about that fact.

So, that’s it for our  five weird facts about Kumasi or the people of Kumasi. We can talk of other beautiful tourist attractions there like the Bobiri Forest Butterfly Sanctuary, the Dighya National Park and a whole lot more.
Umm, please if you didn’t like our wierd facts, don’t take it too personal. We are looking forward to be invited there to explore more about Kumasi or the whole region so we  could blog about it here. Follow Us on Twitter @officialghbase






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