#FixTheCountry: Angry Ghanaians embark on a nationwide campaign to let their frustrations known to Akufo Addo

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A section of Ghanaians on Twitter has let their frustration known to the Akufo Addo-led government by starting a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag, #FixTheCountry.

The #FixTheCountry hashtag is aimed at getting the high office of the country to sit up and get things done which will help the country live past our current situation now.

The frustration of these folks started when a video surfaced of Chinese people using a cocoa harvesting machine to speed up the cocoa processing after venting into large scale cocoa production.

According to Twitter users, the hashtag which has started on Twitter will soon end up in the streets; a move to let the government known of their intentions and frustrations about happenings in the country.

Efia Odo and other Twitter influencers have joined the hashtag expressing their disappointments about the government.

“The children are the future but they’re learning on bare floors and rocks. They are drinking water filled with mud and animal feces. The same water the cattle’s drink are being drank by children who are supposed to be the future. #FixTheCountry”

It will start on Twitter but end on the streets. #FixTheCountry

This won’t stop here, we hitting the streets as well
@gyaigyimii if u will need funds for t-shirts or any other thing am ready to support with the little I can.
We need to stand to this course and make it better #FixTheCountry

Comedian Warris joined the hashtag with this tweet; I tweet about this with soo much emotions…. we are not angry enough #FixTheCountry

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