#FixTheCountry: “Humble yourself and fix the country now” – Bernard Avle sends 4 valuable pieces of advice to the government [Video]

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Ghanaian journalist, Bernard Avle has urged the government to forego all the shenanigans and start working to fix the country now.

In the wake of the social media campaign where Ghanaians are crying over hardship in the country, Bernard Avle believes the government needs to the concerns of the people seriously.

Hosting an editorial on the Point Of View show on Citi TV last night, Bernard Avle was frontal in his presentation where he alluded to the fact that Ghana needs fixing thus the government needs to recognize it and start working.

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He gave four separate priceless pieces of advice to both the #FixTheCountry protestors and the government.

To the protestors, Bernard Avle’s four pieces of advice to them are:

  1. Beware of partisan takeover: Bernard Avle advised the protestors to be aware that political party interest may infiltrate their goodwill to see Ghana move forward. Therefore, they should resist it with all force.
  2. Channel Anger Into Strategy: Bernard Avle said he believes the throwing of tantrums on social media is just the first step towards change. Therefore those seeking change should ensure that they have a well-defined blueprint of what change they need.
  3. Act Personal But Think Institutional: Using a quote from Barack Obama as a reference point, Bernard Avle advised that the protestors need to act in their own smaller way to send the message across but should not lose touch with the fact that there is safety in numbers.
  4. Prepare For The Long Haul: Bernard Avle asserted that the change Ghanaians are seeking is not going to happen overnight thus the protestors and interest groups must be ready to go the long haul. In the face of several pullbacks, they need to remain a formidable force.

To the government, Bernard Avle’s four pieces of advice to them are:

  1. Be grateful it’s happening in 2021: Bernard Avle said the government needs to be happy and count itself fortunate that the protest is happening in 2021 because if it were to be happening few months before the election, the NPP would have lost the election.
  2. Don’t be dismissive, be discerning: Bernard Avle encouraged the government to be considerate of the views of others and move away from thrashing the efforts and shouts of Ghanaians He advised that the government took all the views into consideration and begin to find a better solution.
  3. Stop sponsoring counter hashtags: Bernard Avle once again urged the government to refrain from employing people to counteract and suppress the shouts and yelps of Ghanaians through the use of counter hashtags like #FixYourself, #GhanaIsBeingFixed etc.
  4. Fix The Country: “You were voted to fix the country, you promised to fix the country, just fix it,” Bernard Avle advised. He warned that government should not lose touch with reality since there is an uprising they may not be ready for.

Watch The Video Below:

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