FixTheCountry: Protestor Pens Down Emotional Note To Mom On Placard That He Might Not Return Alive As He Fights For Ghana

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Ghanaian youths have finally stormed the internet to vent their frustration and anger following the poor handling of the country’s affairs.

This time around, the demonstration is not affiliated with any political party as scores of Ghanaians decided to join the match and protest.

The name for this demonstration is dubbed “FixTheCountry” as protesters hit the streets with over hundreds holding placards and banners with their grievance on it calling for the improvement in various sectors of the country.

People are also on social media supporting the agenda as one placard that has gone viral as it attracts many eyes is an emotional note of a young man to his mother.

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The placard has an inscription that reads, “I may not return home alive from this demo. And if I don’t, Mama, remember I died fighting for the betterment of the next generation.”


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