FixTheCountry: The Protest Gave Me Hope Again And It Was Against Mediocrity – KSM

Popular Ghanaian Satirist, Kweku Sintim-Misa better known as KSM has expressed that he was impressed about how the youth of the country stormed the street to demonstrate.

Scores of Ghanaians youths from different walks of life came together to protest against the bad leadership and broken system of the country hence they called on the leaders to fix the country and make the system a little more comfortable for them.

The comedian cum media personality, KSM who has to bemoan about the country’s horrible state has revealed that he was impressed and overwhelmed by the way the youth of the country came out to pour their hearts out to the leaders.

According to him, he never thought Ghana youths could come together and unite to fight for the ills in the country in his life but the Fix The Country demonstration gave him the hope again that the country has a chance.

He made this known in an interview and he spewed “The main thing that touched me is that at almost 65 this is the first time I’ve seen a massive demonstration that I didn’t see one party flag or one party color. I saw Ghana first and that my son, that was such a heartwarming experience for me to see the youth out there in their massive numbers and the focus was Ghana first.”

He added, “That was when I realized that maybe there’s still hope. Okatakyie trust me I’ve ruled it out that in my lifetime I will not see the Ghana that I wanted to see. Maybe I won’t see it in my lifetime but now I’ve the hope that it will happen. When | saw the youth out there and your focus, everything you are saying about #fixthecountry boils down to one thing, Ghana is too mediocre. Let’s raise the standards,”

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