Flaunting Your Cars And Wealth As A Christian Is Not Acceptable In The Sight Of God – Anita Afriyie(+Video)

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Ghanaian gospel musician, Anita Afriyie has advised her colleagues to stop flaunting their wealth as it is not Christian like.

According to Anita Afriyie in a recent interview with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’,  God frowns on gospel musicians and Christians who boast about their worldly possessions.

She explained that there are some things which doesn’t need publicity especially your wealth.

Speaking on her accident in the United States which affected her hand, Anita Afriyie said  she kept the incident hidden because its a her private  life and wouldn’t want it to be out her.

Knowing how hypocritical some her colleagues are, Anita added she didn’t want them to make a big deal out of it or start spreading lies about her hence the reason she kept her accident a secret.

In her final statement, Anita Afriyie advised her fellow gospel musicians to be truthful and do the will of God without seeking personal glory.

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Watch the full interview below;

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