‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ is a Trojan horse for women’s stories, says Lizzy Caplan

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The narrator of Fleishman is in Trouble, Lizzy Caplan has disclosed that the series is a Trojan horse for women’s stories.

The series is narrated by Libby, played by Lizzy Caplan. The series Fleishman is in Trouble gives a perception that the storyline is about a divorced dad (Jesse Eisenberg) and single parenthood and the mid-life dating scene.

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The narrator, Lizzy Caplan has likened the series ‘Fleishman is in trouble’  to a Trojan horse: “You think that you’re watching this story about a man getting divorced, figuring out dating apps, and you’re really not watching that story at all.”

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In the series’ eight episodes, the story shifts its focus, so that by the end, in addition to seeing things from Toby’s point of view, we also hear from Libby and from Toby’s ex-wife Rachel, played by Claire Danes. Caplan says the structuring was deliberate.

“It’s a sad truth … which is: I don’t know if this show would have been watched by as many people if it was about a woman [Rachel] going through horrific postpartum depression and anxiety, and another woman [Libby] having sort of a slower burn mid-life crisis,” Caplan says. “I think that immediately turns off a lot of male viewers and honestly, a lot of female viewers as well.”

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“It was just a lucky break to get to do this show at the dawn of my own motherhood,” she says. “The curtain was being ripped away on a daily basis for me, especially in those first three months, as I think it is for many new mothers.”

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