“Flirting Isn’t Cheating” – Man Defends Himself For Flirting With His Girlfriend’s Best Friend


A young Nigerian man, simply identified as Tunde, has been confronted by his girlfriend for flirting with her female friend.

In screenshots of their conversation making the rounds online, the girlfriend, who discovered that her man had been having improper conversations with one of her friends via Instagram DM, queried him about it.

She said that after collecting her friend’s phone and reading through her chats, she discovered that her boyfriend had been asking for explicit pictures of her in an attempt to flirt with her.

She asked why he was having nasty conversations with her friend, whom she identified simply as Tolani, despite being in a relationship with her and knowing they were friends.
However, responding to his girlfriend’s accusations, Tunde, who admitted to flirting with his girlfriend’s friend, immediately put up a defense, saying that flirting isn’t cheating.

According to him, engaging in sexually explicit conversations with his girlfriend’s friend and asking the lady for her nude pictures isn’t cheating, as long as they didn’t have intercourse.
His words,
“You want to make it seem like I am in the wrong here. You’re reading to much meaning to this, you are overthinking again.

The evidence you have against me is actually for me. It proves I’m loyal to flirt with other girls without getting down with them. I respect my woman, you wont find that anywhere”.

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