Floyd Mayweather Sued For “Scamming” Ghana & Nigeria

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American boxer, Floyd Mayweather has been sued by a Nigerian media company for failing to fulfil his part of a deal he seighed to make five appearances in Ghana and Nigeria.

The company Zinni Media sued Floyd Mayweather for not honoring his end of the deal after he took a part payment of $210,000 out of an agreed $375,000 to make appearances in Ghana and Nigeria.

According to TMZ, after the botched deal, an agreement was reached by the two sides for a rescheduling of the event to December 2017, with an agreed appraised fee of 550 thousand dollars, a deal Mr. Mayweather once again failed to respect and honour.

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The media company that booked him is demanding $2 million as damages from the boxer for failing to show up at the events and also failing to return the part payment he took from them. He has been charged and would appear in a Carlifonia court soon, according to reports.

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floyd mayweather

Sometime last year, there was news that Floyd Mayweather would be visiting Ghana to meet his fans and a video of him making the announcement went viral on Social. Those who wanted to attend paid $5,000 each but never got to see him.

We would follow up on this story and share more with you when we have updates.


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