Floyd Mayweather Wants To Buy The New Bugatti Chiron & The Price Would Shock You!

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We all do know that Floyd Mayweather likes expensive cars and has a garage full of them, including several Bugattis. Now the new Bugatti Chiron is coming out soon and Floyd wants to buy it.

Reports are that, he’s sold an old Bugatti so he could buy the new one when it’s released. TMZ can confirm that, he’s ready to spend $3.5 million to acquire the new Bugatti Chiron when it finally comes out.

Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron

Money must be really sweet right? We are struggling to buy a common Ghc80,000 car here, but someone just buys million dollars cars like bread. Follow us on Instagram, @officialghabse and on Snapchat @officialghbase


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