Focus On Building A Network For Longevity Rather Than Focusing On Money Which Comes And Goes- Kiddwaya Advises

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Kiddwaya, the former BBNaija reality star, has dished out a fresh piece of advice to people about the need to focus on building a network and forget about money.

According to him, it is about longevity, and it takes networking with others to keep one relevant, adding that money comes and goes.

Kiddwaya certainly has a point which is worth taking note of as we are in an era of “whom you know”, unfortunately; So it is important to get some links for yourself so as to get opportunities.

The BBNaija star further charged fans to be focused on what they do and be smart in their dealings.

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“Forget about money. I want to see your network. Do you have access? What doors can you open? If I look thru your phone what names will I see? This game is about longevity. Money comes and goes but your network is there to stay. False hope is a mf trust me. Stay focused be smart!” he wrote.

Kiddwaya’s tweet


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