For the money and green card: Young man shares bedroom video of his hot session with a white woman who is old enough to be his grandmother 

The extent to which people are willing to go just to ‘grind the papers’ is mind-boggling and this theory has its signature all over the video we have added to this report. 

In this video, a man purported to be a Nigerian is seen frolicking with a woman believed to be his wife who is old enough to be his grandmother. The duo lay on the bed obviously after a hot sexual intercourse.

The guy who seems happy with this path he has charted for his life, recorded a short clip as he’s seen puffing on his cigar and nodding his head unrhythmically to a song playing in the background.

His granny of a lover complemented the video by blowing kisses and smoking as well.

In other news, a bride who could not wait to get home before showing her newly married hubby what she’s equipped with swung into full gear at their wedding reception.

The young lady tilted her back to her man and ‘grinded’ him like there’s no tomorrow. He equally rose to the occasion and supplied the required adrenaline to supplement their dance routine.

Other guests cheered them on wildly and it was a sight to behold. Watch the video here. 

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