“For Your Relationship To Last, You Need To Be Mentally Connected To Your Partner”-Counselor Adofoli

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Relationship issues will always be topical in our setting, unless some things about us change, otherwise, several of them will always end rather abruptly.

That notwithstanding, we can have lasting relationships when we try to be mentally connected to our partners and not just merely feel attracted to them because they are handsome or beautiful, own a car or something else that attracted us to them.

This is according to Ghanaian counselor, Adofoli. He likened it to having so much internet data but with no internet connection to use the data. The data then becomes useless because you can’t use it.

In the same vein, Counselor Adofoli said that your partner could be handsome or beautiful but if you’re not connected to them mentally, your relationship is set up for failure.

For a relationship to work, Counselor Adofoli believes that both parties would have to be connected and understand each other in order to flow in the same direction.

This connection according to the counselor does not happen overnight but one that happens through constant conversation and being open to each other on things that are of interest to both parties.

Adofoli added that we do not just have to go for anyone merely because we are attracted to them, look great together are have a few things in common between us, but we should consider and vibe with people who would flow with us despite our differences.

To Counselor Adofoli, it is important that single people seek guidance from experts like himself when they want to choose a wife for themselves so that the get the best of partners.

Adofoli made all these assertion on Facebook.

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