“Foreplay is needless if a man leaves his signature on her tonga” – Dzifa Sweetness

Ghana’s finest relationship coach, Dzifa Sweetness has shared with men one very important intercourse tip that can help them have their woman at their beck and call whenever they yearn for bedmatics.

Dzifa Sweetness in the studio of eTV said women sometimes have flashbacks of their intercourse experience with a man and get wet without even having to see or be with the man again.

Dzifa replied in the affirmative, saying that this is what we call ‘Leaving a signature on her v***a’. “You can meet a man and the way he will handle you in bed right from foreplay down to the thing itself, you can’t get it out of your mind”, she said.

“You’ll just be sitting somewhere and the memories will just flash across your eyes and get you wet at once. When you have those flashbacks, even if you call the person to come over, he won’t need to do any foreplay because you’re already wet and ready for him”, she added.

Nkomode Hemaa who was a guest on the show added that “if a lady has a good vibe with her man, he also leaves his signature in her vagina as just a simple phone call or text from him can make her horny”.

Dzifa, therefore, advised that both men and women need to study themselves and learn how to please each other so that intercourse can always be an unforgettable experience for them.


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