Forever Young, Adwoa Smart Turns 54 Today!

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Ghanaian comic actress Belinda Naa Ode Oku popularly known as Adwoa Smart has marked her 54th birthday today 5th October 2019.

Adwoa Smart was born to Mr and Mrs. Oku at Abossey Okai in Accra. She was however unable to complete her basic education because her colleagues made fun of her.

The comic actress has been in comedy for over 25 years. Her legacy captures the very reason why many females have risen and are rubbing shoulders with in the “male dominant” industry. She was recently honored at Comedy Express for her immense contribution in the industry.
The organizers of Comedy Express thought it wise to celebrate Adwoa Smart while she is still alive and healthy than wait when she is no more to appreciate the gesture.

Adwoa Smart became one of the popular faces that graced our TV screens in the early nineties.

Adwoa Smart rose to fame as a cast of the popular Obra Drama Group. She has also gained popularity for her role in Efie Wura TV series.
Despite her size, Adwoa Smart has never being intimidated. She had a child who died at a young age but she has remained single since then and according to her she can’t trust men.

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