Forget Hilda Baci, Ghana Jollof is the best- Nigerian content creator

The assertion made by Hilda Baci that Ghana Jollof lacks flavour has been refuted by a well-known Nigerian content creator who has a massive following on Facebook and TikTok.

Hilda’s comment caused a stir on social media, leading to a clash between Nigerians and Ghanaians and reigniting the age-old rivalry between the two countries.

Despite Ghbase’s recent report that the celebrity chef retracted her earlier statement, people are still criticizing her. The content creator, however, has praised Ghanaians for their diverse cuisine and acknowledged that Ghana Jollof is just as delicious as other Ghanaian dishes, which are among the best in the world.

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@Sinbad commented; “We have different types of Jollof in Ghana we have school jollof wedding jollof, party jollof, restaurant jollof, and we have funeral jollof.”

@AJSOSU wrote; “My 13yrs old brother said Hilda’s jollof looks like lightsoup mixed with rice.”

@Marval said; “Am Nigerian Ghanaian foods are the best trust me , Less maggi & very healthy.”

Has Hilda Baci apologised for her “Ghana jollof has no flavour” comment?

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Hilda Baci is still trending over Jollof comment

Although she didn’t offer a direct apology, she did backtrack on her earlier statement by acknowledging the deliciousness of Ghana jollof rice. This occurred after Becca, a Ghanaian singer now residing in Nigeria, served the dish at her residence.

In an effort to avoid resorting to insults, Becca took a diplomatic approach by offering Hilda Baci a taste of her jollof, allowing her to make an unbiased assessment.

A video emerged online showing Hilda Baci enjoying the Jollof at Becca’s house and expressing her willingness to grant another interview on the jollof saga and tell the whole world that she goofed with her first statement, obviously!

Watch the video below as she says Ghana Jollof is nice!


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