Forget It! Itz Tiffany Makes First Public Appearance After You Watched Her Leaked Seks Tape.

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She’s indeed a strong woman, and she’s proven it with this first public appearance she has made. Itz Tiffany has for the first time appeared in public at the premiere of D-Black’s movie, “Why Should I Get Married”

The musician whoose seks tape leaked and went viral on social media, appears to have forgotten about the unfortunate drama and decided to move on with her normal life. We were a bit surprised, especially when most people who had seen her private part, would be imaging and picturing her naked with what they saw in the video. She has proven that, in life, we don;t have to be weighed down by our past.


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Ghbase.Com also has reasons to believe that D-Black must have influenced her to come to the premiere, so that  she could get over the trauma because we saw a tweet she posted thanking D-Black for hosting her. It’s still a good thing D-Black did. In showbiz, sh^t  happens, but that shouldn’t stop you from moving on.

Itz Tiffany still looks faboulous and we love her hairstyle. Each time you see that hairstyle anywhere, itz tiffany comes into mind. Drop you comments on what you also think.



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