Former First Lady Konadu Has Said Something About Shatta Wale| Read To Find Out What She Said

Shatta wale and former first lady

We are certain you saw this picture of the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang and Shatta Wale inundate Social Media but perhaps don’t know what necessitated for the picture.

We all know the former first lady loves music and dancing and has a great sense for fashion.

 In an interview with TV3, the founder of the National Democratic Party disclosed that she has known Shatta Wale since he was a child.

 Nana Konadu worked with Shatta Wale’s father for some years and has known the “Kakai” hitmaker since he was a child.

Speaking exclusively to TV3, the founder of the National Democratic Party said she knew Shatta Wale since he was little and knew his father too.

“I knew him when he was a little boy and I knew his father too so when they were saying Shatta Wale Shatta Wale, I asked myself who he was but I later got to know who he was.

“His music is enchanting for the young people and I like to encourage artisans, artistes and generally any young person who is into business and I encourage them so I called him to come over and we took pictures.”

The former first lady heaped praise on all other Ghanaian artistes, saying she loves and appreciates their music just as she does for Shatta Wale’s.

“I love them all and even Shatta Wale with his wild music which is still very catchy and I like Becca and all the others too.

“I appreciate music, unless the music is not so good, then I will say I don’t like it but I appreciate any type of music whether it’s classical, hip hop or Bisa Kdei.”

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