Former homeless actor Kenneth Aguba speaks on ladies fighting over him soon after he was gifted a house and asked to choose a wife for a free wedding

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The phenomenon became widespread after the actor was recently gifted a house by Omega Power Ministries GO, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere after news went viral that he has been rendered homeless.

He was also tasked to find a woman he loves in order to get a free wedding to be paid for by the famous clergyman.

On the flip side, this new wave of change that blew in his direction became a bone of contention between two ladies who suddenly emerged to claim they want to marry him.

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The first person to declare his undying love for Aguba was Anastasia Michael who started shooting her shot without delay. She posted;

“I heard General overseer OPM is looking for a wife for Kenneth Aguba , please Tell Him I (Annastasia Micheal Olamma ) am willing to marry him,i am ready to be Mrs Aguba ❤️❤️ I will love him and take care of him very well.

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They should come and see my people bikon , I am 24 years old and i am from Enugu state,.. Aguba Deserves to marry me because I am a wife material 1000 yards,I can help him regain his sanity and I will take very good care of him and feed him well. I can’t wait to marry my Agubabym.

Then another lady, Ella popped up with her own request and said;

“I am ready To Marry The Homeless Nollywood Actor, Aguba. I heard that OPM is looking for a wife for Kenneth Aguba please man of God am ready to be his wife I promise to take good care of him wash his clothes serve him a nice meal please sir I am a wife material I’m ready to give him a child Sir @Aguella2022.”

Anastasia did not kindly to Ella’s encroachment and sternly warned her to back off.

She said; ”Leave my husband alone. I saw him first and I am the legitimate wife.”

Ella fired back: ”He have to select which one he love me or you.”

Reacting to this new development, the actor advised the women to focus on their self-development as he is doing for himself. He expressed the belief that God will point his wife to him at the right time.

“My message to them is that they should go and build the best out of themselves while I do mine also. At the right time, God will point for me,” he said.

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