Thursday, November 26, 2020

Former President JJ Rawlings Secret Advice On How To Keep That Sparkle In Your Relationship

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The former president of Ghana, J.J Rawlings was on Yvonne Okoro’s show ‘Dining With Cooks & Braggarts’  and although Yvonne is the host of the show, for that particular episode, ace TV presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah was the presenter as Yvonne Okoro acted as a guest herself.

The challenge was for her and the former president to cook ‘Akple and Abobitadi’ a local Ewe food and during the time that they were cooking, the former president revealed how he ‘suffered’ before getting his current wife, Nana Agyemang Rawlings to accept his proposal.

He revealed on the show that, it took him 5 years before he was able to even touch the skin of his now wife then and reminisced on the show, how he had to even become friends with his wife’s female friends just so he could get close to her.

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Yvonne Okoro, who probably wanted to figure out how the former president had been able to keep the sparkle in their marriage after all these years, asked him how he has been able to do that and the J.J’s response was straight and short.

The former president revealed that there are lots of sparkle in their marriage and the way they have been able to keep that is because, he never forgets how felt when he first met and started dating his wife, those things that got him attracted to her.

“You know, the way to keep that sparkle is to always remember how you felt like the first time you started dating and those things that made you love her more. The very things that got her attracted to you. You always have to have that in mind and the love will never fade away”

Well, we agree with Papa J on this one. Most couples forget the very things that got them attracted to each other and at some point, the love fades away, and hatred and anger takes place, so you hear stories of people getting divorced all the time.

Take this cue from a man who has been successfully married for soo many years and use it in your relationship, whether you are married or just dating.

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