Founder Of Moshe Temple Reveal Why Most Christian Nations Like Ghana And Nigeria Are The Poorest (+VIDEO)

Kohen Mohen Meshiac Avinger, leader and founder of the Moshe Temple has disclosed reasons why countries worshipping Jesus Christ are poor and serious borrowers.

During the interview with Obibini Tv’s Emmanuel Agyemang, he made compared some countries that do not worship Jesus Christ to the ones worshipping Jesus Christ and made mention that there is a deep gab between these countries.

“Take a look at this, Egyptians, Arabians, Indians, Israelites, Japanese, Chinese do not worship Jesus Christ and take a look at countries like Ghana that worship Him, you can see a deep gap and such countries are facing crisis and borrow before they can eat” he said.

He was further asked if he has a shrine in his temple and he mentioned that he has more shrines in his temple which he pours libation and he feels happy doing it. He also says if you are not righteous you cannot pour libation.

Full interview below;



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