France: Kind man sh0cked after he gave Nigerian beggar his ATM card to withdraw any amount of his choice he took plenty of money

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A philanthropist from France was shocked when a seemingly homeless man abused the kind gesture he extended to him.

The French man approached a Nigerian beggar at an ATM stand and asked him to withdraw any amount of money with his ATM card from the machine.

He filmed the moment and the guy who initially thought it was a prank warmed his way into the occasion as he could not believe his luck.

The Nigerian man was not modest as he inputted a figure on the machine that seemed to startle the man who enquired if the money wasn’t too much.

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That notwithstanding, he did not stop him but urged him to continue with the process and he indeed withdrew a large sum of money to the shock his shock.

The Nigerian man who claimed to have been in France since 2019 appreciated the man and surprisingly went to get his bicycle at a corner where it was parked, picked up his delivery box and then rode off.

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The video has since been shared on TikTok and it’s generating much buzz already.


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