Francis Ngannou children: Does Francis Ngannou have children?

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Francis Ngannou is a Cameroonian-French professional mixed martial artist who is currently a free agent.

Francis Ngannou biography

Ngannou grew up in the Cameroonian community of Batié. He was raised in poverty and received minimal formal education. When Ngannou was six years old, his parents got a divorce, and he was transferred to live with his aunt.

Due to a shortage of money, Ngannou began working at the age of 10 in a sand quarry in Batié. He was approached as a young boy to join various gangs in his village. Ngannou declined, choosing instead to use his father’s unfavourable reputation as a street fighter as an inspiration to pursue boxing. Ngannou started boxing training at the age of 22, against his family’s initial opposition.

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Ngannou stopped working out after a year of training because of an illness. He worked a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet until deciding to move to Paris, France, at the age of 26 in order to pursue a career in boxing. He was imprisoned for two months in Spain for trespassing after arriving in Europe, though.

When Ngannou arrived in Paris, he was homeless and had no money or acquaintances. He first encountered Francis Carmont, who introduced him to Fernand Lopez and the MMA factory, after he had spent time homeless on the streets of Paris.

Francis Ngannou age

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Ngannou is 36 years old. He was born on 5 September 1986.

Francis Ngannou children

Ngannou has no kids presently.



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