Free SHS Effect: SHS students high on tramadol exhibit their twɛrking skills as if there’s no WASSCE

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The will power to do rigorous academic study is no more especially among students in the various second cycle citadels or schools in the country.

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Seductive dancing or better still “twɛrking” has taken over in the various Senior High Schools for reasons best known to the students perhaps because their parents aren’t paying any tuition fees – Free SHS!

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Back to the subject matter, in our daily internet scout, your favorite entertainment blog, has sighted a footage of some Senior High School students exhibiting their “twɛrking” skills is if there’s no WASSCE.

In the video, the students could be seen ‘high’ on Tramadol or hard drug as they danced vigorously at a gathering which seems to be the school’s entertainment show.

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Some of the female students could be seen sm00ching themselves and in another part of the video, some of the female students were involved in a “twɛrking” competition.

Watch video below:


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  1. What is meant by free SHS effect? Who gave them the supposed tramadol? We have to be realistic, if people are fooling around, we have to blame them straight in their faces than shifting the blame to the system. How many people are under the SHS …and how many of these are fooling around?


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