Free SHS has made it possible for poor kids to attend Achimota School – Ruthy begs Prez not to cancel it

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Since the 2012 general elections when the Free SHS idea was put into the public domain, a group of people have stuck their necks out against it. The initial stance against the policy was that it wasn’t feasible and was an outright scam.

Despite this scepticism, the policy took off in September 2017 – though with teething problems, as is usually the case with new policies.

Consequently, several thousands of youths who had been marginalized and denied the right to secondary education had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enrol.

In simple economic terms, the demand for secondary education suddenly became more than the supply (available vacancies). The government’s response was to introduce the double-track system.

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And recently, there was a shortage of food in almost all the senior high and technical schools in the county with some people calling for the cancellation of the initiative as a result of the hard times we’re facing as a country.

Y’all know that Ghana has now joined IMF in order to stabilize the economy and many people have said that the introduction of Free SHS can’t be ignored when talking about factors that are draining the country’s finances.

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But for Ruthy, a popular social critic, the free SHS policy should not be tampered with as it’s a timely initiative that has given chance to school children from poor homes access to renowned secondary schools in the country.

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