Freemasons Say They’re Worried About How Nollywood Paint Them Black In Movies

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The GrandMaster for the Ghana Grand lodge, Nana Osae Nyangpong xi has lashed out at the Nigerian Movie industry (Nollywood) for the bad image the organization has in the outside world and especially in African countries.


According to him, the industry has succeeded in whitewashing the brains of people by telling stories about them that do not exist and things they don’t practise as members of the Freemason.


“Nollywood has affected us a great deal and has created a public disaffection for us because of the kind of stories they do to portray what we do and don’t do as an association. The kind of stories told by Nollywood are just shocking and don’t represent what we are. ”

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He mentioned that unlike how the movies create the impression that Freemasons do not believe in God, people admitted as members are individuals who believe in the existence of God and will want to live a life of purity so that when death takes him, he will be able to account for his stewardship.

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The Grandmaster in an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwani of Adom TV noted that in most Nollywood movies telling the lodge stories, an impression is created that members of the lodge perform human sacrifices and member s are made to gulp blood down their throat the blood by mentioning that Freemasons do not make sacrifices neither do they suck blood.


The Grandmaster mentioned that contrary to claims that grandmasters have certain spiritual powers that makes them disappear and sometimes suspend in the air, the Grandmaster looking surprised said “even high jump i cant jump”.



Indeed, it’s true because anytime Nollywood tell stories about Freemasons in their movies it’s all about money rituals. Meanwhile, the works of Freemasons are not about  black money acquisition as people have been told or better still brainwashed.

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