Frenzy online as Naija couple living in London gives birth to white baby

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The internet has erupted into a frenzy after a Nigerian couple, Angela Ihegboro and her husband Ben Ihegboro gave birth to a white baby and named her Nmachi.

Baby Nmachi, a white baby with blonde hair and blue eyes, was delivered by two black parents who were immigrants from Nigeria in a hospital in London. Geneticists don’t believe in miracles, but they were at a loss for how to explain the case of baby Nmachi.

They instead provided three hypotheses: She is the consequence of a certain gene mutation. If that were the case, Nmachi would pass the gene on to her offspring, who would almost certainly also be white.

Sources online concluded that the baby is the result of long-dormant white genes that her parents handed on to her, possibly carried by their ancestors for generations before emerging at this time.

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The infant may have some sort of modified form of the hereditary disorder, according to the experts, who stressed that Nmachi is not an outright albino or missing in all pigment, but that her skin could eventually deepen.



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