“Friends Made At The University Are Fake; Secondary School Friends Are The Realest”-Lady Says

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It is impossible to leave the Senior High School without a few close friends made over your period of study. When we leave the High school, some of our close friends do not get to follow us to the tertiary which means that we have to settle for new set of friends at the University.

It is however yours to judge which of the two sets of friends you have made is the realest.

According to a lady from Nigeria, who normally offers people advice on their sex life, the friends we make at the university are fake with the realest being those we make at the Senior High School.

She made this assertion on Twitter where she mentioned that the university friends will only just watch your WhatsApp status but there will be a drift in communication between you once you leave school.

She thereby concluded that university friends are the set of friends that are fake.

“University friends are the fakest set of friends.

u will notice your communication drift apart, your friendship will turn to just checking WhatsApp status, it was never real at first.

Secondary School friends are the realest!!” she wrote.

See her tweet below;

Her assertion will likely raise conversations because people will argue that it is depended on the kind of friend you have made and not where you made them.

There are people who have made life changing friends at the university who after school help them either secure jobs or link them with opportunities that will help them grow their skills set.

What do you think?

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