“From a footballer to a comedian”  – Funny moment as Asamoah Gyan meets Dr Likee and appears in his comedy skit  [Videos]

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Asamoah Gyan is more than just a footballer who has been a source of joy and grief to Ghanaians. His talents which he exhibits through music, cheerleading and acting make him a versatile being.

This is how come the footballer has transitioned momentarily from being on the field to meeting Ghanaian comedian Ras Nene aka Dr Likee, his supporting actors and the crew and making an appearance in their comedy skit.

The sheer joy and ecstasy the actors and crew had when they finally met Asamoah Gyan is just infectious.

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Mimicking how he plays his football and usually runs to the end of the pitch to celebrate his goals with his iconic dance moves, Dr Likee created the right atmosphere for viewers to have a dose of laughter.

Kwaku Manu was also present to give a nice twist to the comedy skit and Dr Likee as usual was the centre of attention with his distinct acting prowess exhibited through mimicking Asamoah Gyan on the field.

When Asamoah Gyan aka Baby met the real Asamoah Gyan (D r Likee), it was a moment of laughter, reconnection and a display of love.

Social media has reacted and even suggested that after all and said and done, Asamoah Gyan should just pursue a new career in comedy because he has what it takes to make a fortune out of it.

Check Out The Video Below:

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