From My Part I Have Ended The Marriage – Xandy Kamel Says After Confirming She Separated (Video)

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Xandy Kamel has finally confirmed that she’s separated from her estranged husband Kaninja and from her part, the marriage between them has ended because she has ended things.

Xandy Kamel has refused to speak about her marriage in most interviews not to talk of accepting or denying the fact that she has divorced but in this interview accepted that she has been separated from her husband.

Speaking to Ola Michael, Xandy Kamel said all she knows is that she’s not married but then accepted that she has been separated from her husband Kaninja but doesn’t know anything about their marriage certificate.

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Speaking on whether her marriage is still valid or nulled, Xandy Kamel disclosed that from her side, she has ended the marriage which means she has made up her mind not to patch things with her estranged husband Kaninja.

video below;


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