Fuel station manager jailed 120 months for stealing 398,545ghc

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It was found that Ernest Boakye, 30, had stolen 398,545ghc from INFIN Ghana Limited, an oil marketing firm, and was sentenced to 120 months in jail with hard labour. Boakye pleaded not guilty to theft charges.

However, he was found guilty after nine months of trial by a court presided over by Mr Stephen Kumi. During the trial, the prosecution brought four witnesses, but the accused did not.

In his defence, the now-convicted accused claimed he had no idea how the prosecution and the complainant’s firm calculated the stolen funds.

The court granted his request for a copy of the audit report.

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The court took into account the defendant’s age and his regret in the dock when sentencing him.

“There were more extenuating elements that went against the accused,” the trial judge said.

Rather than a “While he was supposed to be a reliable and honest employee, he instead scammed and misused the company’s money and staff.”

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“So the criminal is clearly dishonest. Notably, the prisoner did so during the COVID-19 epidemic, when most firms in the nation went bankrupt, and many employees lost employment.

Court noted several enterprises had failed due to fraudulent conduct and dishonest staff, and the offenders deserved prison time to dissuade others.

An administrator of INFIN Ghana Limited discovered anomalies between the accused’s pay-in slips and bank statements in May of 2021, according to the prosecution.

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It was revealed during a regular inspection on June 16, 2021, that Boakye had dishonestly taken GHC92,457.00, prompting his detention.

On July 5, 2021, the complainant’s firm sent its internal auditor, Harry Gyamfi, to Boakye’s station in Kwahu-Tafo to monitor sales.

He had embezzled GHc398,545.00 at the conclusion of the auditing completed in his presence.


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