Funeral ‘Criers’ in Kumasi increase charges following increase in petroleum products

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It may come at a surprise to you but on the real, they exist; yes people who are contracted to cry at funerals for money.

Some section of these people who cry at funerals to get paid has increased their prices following hikes in petroleum products.

According to Ami Dokli, one of such workers, who took time off a workshop to speak to Nhyira FM’s, Ohemeng Tawiah stated that those seeking their services should be prepared to pay Ghc2,000 as a minimum charge and Ghc4,000 as maximum.

“We do it normal. When you call us and book for a funeral, we come to your place, we watch the ground, we assess it and then price you,” she said.

Though they have an association, Ama was confident an association will be set up soon to facilitate their business.

“We don’t have an association but I learnt recently that there are so many groups coming up,” she said.

Her group according to her is made up of six widows who are all based in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.

Speaking on the increase of their charges, Ms Dokli said the high demand for their services, amid an increase in fuel prices and general economic hardship, have pushed them to adjust their fees.

In her narration, five dirge-singing criers who used to charge 5,000 Ghana cedis a day will now provide the service for between 7,000 Ghana cedis and 8,000 Ghana cedis.

“A lot has changed too because the demand is high so we have to change our prices; we have to increase our prices,” she revealed.

Ms Dokli also revealed that depending on the status of the deceased, clients decide to pay even more, especially if the deceased persons has lots of family members abroad.

“You know that some funerals you can’t charge them high. Some you can charge them so it depends on the funeral,” she added.

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