Funeral Disaster – Woman Blasts His Late Brother’s Wife For Cheating On Him While Giving Her Tribute

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It was an unpleasant scene when a woman decided to spill it all out about her late brother’s marriage during his funeral rites.

Apparently the late brother while alive did not enjoy his marriage that much, as his wife cheated on him, bringing a man home which can really dumping a man’s spirit and ego.

Before the flare up, his wife had come up to give a touching tribute about her late husband, saying how wonderful he was and what he had done in her life.

When his sister got on stage, she couldn’t hold herself than to spill out the truth which got his wife to attack her on the floor causing a disastrous scene as others tried to separate them.

His wife was seen in the video trying to hit the sister when she got on the stage and was heard saying foul words to the sister

Video below;


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She couldn’t help it and had to spill it out! Fear women 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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