Funniest Tweets From Ghanaians On The Night Of The 2017 VGMAs

So the 2017 VGMAs is over and if you still don’t know who won what, you might want to check out the winners by clicking here.  Ghanaians have a high sense of humour and we couldn’t stop laughing throughout the night by reading some of the tweets from people.

We’ve gathered some of the funniest tweets we read on the night of the VGMAs, and we know you would laugh while reading some of them. Go through them and share with us the one that made you laugh very hard and if we missed some of them, add them to the comment box and we might just update the list.

Pappy come and see plagia…. #VGMA2017

— YEAH ME???,AM… (@Prieddie_prisca) April 8, 2017




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