Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa appears unconcerned by the curses placed on her by Funny Face – WATCH

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Since last week Friday, Funny Face has gone mad on Instagram following his weird utterances on the world platform.

In series of videos he has been posting on Instagram, Funny Face launched a scathing attack on his ex-wife Elizabeth Ntim and his baby mama, Vanessa.

All his sentiments revolve around how these two women have used, abused and misused him in his relationship with them.

Even though Elizabeth is now married to another man, Funny Face seems to harbour some pain in his heart.

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In the process of the rants, Funny Face invoked curses on Vanessah Nicole, the mother of his twin daughters, and swore that she would never have children of her own.

Fast forward, Vanessah Nicole has subtly responded to the brouhaha in the air from the camp of her mad cum estranged husband in the person of Funny Face.

The Commedienne’s baby mama was seen wearing a blue robe and vibing to the tune in an unconcerned manner on social media.

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Vanessa appeared calm in the video making rounds on social media. She was also seen flashing an engagement ring in the said video all sending the picture that she doesn’t give a hoot about Funny Face madness in recent times.

Watch the video below.



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