Funny Video: This White German, Nino Fights With A Taxi Driver And His Fante Is Just..

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This is obviously not the first time, we are seeing a white man doing some local sitcom in Ghana but this one is just special.

Nino has found his way into comic acting and i did know this was going to happen anytime soon. For those of you who have had the chance to watch Capital Tv which is on multi tv some months back, you would regconise this white german. He was used on a few of their live shows during their test transmision moments. We had expected to see him having his own show after, but we still don’t know if that is going to happen yet! You might have well also bumped into some of his videos on youtube where he talks about ECG and Lil Wain, Kwaku Manu and other issues in a comic way.

So who is Nino? Don’t worry, i will tell you ore about him another time. For now i just want you to enjoy this short webpisode!! Remember, i told it’s always to have a good laugh, and i brought you one incase  you’ve not had any good laugh yet!

Watch the video below and tell me what you think!

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