Fuse ODG Introduces African ‘Choobies’ Unto The Market With The Name Nana Dolls

nana dolls

If you are a girl and cast your mind back to your childhood memories, you would remember how you used to play with the ‘Choobi’ your parents bought you when you area child. Almost every Ghanaian girl can share their own reminiscence about their ‘Choobis’ (local name for dolls)

Most of them were white dolls with the names of Foreign characters like Cinderella, Jasmine, etc often dressed in a western style.

Well, now we have our very own African dolls as musician Fuse ODG has launched ‘Nana Dolls’ on the market to educate children on their history in a fun way.

In his Facebook post in which he made the announcement, Fuse ODG wrote:

Is it not just exciting news? Well, we don’t know of the dolls will be this tiny in the picture or they would have different sizes. We will keep you updated on this.



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